Working in CSR & Sustainability

You want to hire the best possible candidate to fit a need.  Here’s some tips to navigate through the critical process of developing a clear and relevant contract or job description or preparing a Request for Proposals document that will attract the most qualified and skilled professionals in today’s market.

The Position

We suggest you start by writing the logistical facts and describing the position, then tracking what skills, education and experience are mandatory or nice to have, and concluding with the compensation range. 

Here’s a checklist of these steps:

  1. Title (if this is a new role, you may want to first identify the level and key tasks to have a clear understanding of how best to describe the role).
  2. Level (e.g. Advisor, Manager, Executive)
  3. Department where they will work
  4. Title of the personal to whom they will report
  5. Direct Reports – how many people will report to this position and what are their main roles?
  6. Overview of the business need that the position will meet: consider this to be an executive summary of the position.
  7. Skills - required
  8. Skills – nice to have
  9. Experience – required
  10. Experience – nice to have
  11. Education – required
  12. Education – nice to have
  13. Compensation (does not have to be published but is important to have an internal agreement on the range, including any bonuses and employee share purchase opportunities)